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Heyloooo guys! Sarah here! Check out the list of posts I do individually below! I'll be sharing some DIYs and cooking recipe. Though I will say that I could always come up with something not mentioned, might I say, my love for K-Pop too?

Tornado Potatoes | Sarah
5 July 2017
So today I'm gonna make something involving food or more specifically potatoes! Who doesn't like potatoes right? I'm making tornado potatoes which is basically a potato on a stick cut spirally. 

A Day In The Life of Sarah | Sarah
23 May 2017
Today's post is going to be about a day in my life BUT slightly special (& more boring) because it's a day in the life of Sarah who is going to sit for her exams in a week!

DIY Paper Design | Sarah
8 April 2017
I don't really know what to call this DIY but it's kind of like making paper patterns? Today I'll be doing the bubble pattern!

Another February Favorites! | Sarah
11 March 2017
I'm back with another Favourites post! Yay! Can you believe we're already 3 months into 2017? And here I am still writing 2016 as the date....

A New Start | Sarah
13 January 2017
I actually have pretty selfish reasons for writing this post... I wanted to kind of self-reflect on 2016 and to set goals and stuff for 2017. I'm saying it's selfish cause hey you might not wanna know!

DIY Mini Dreamcatcher | Sarah
23 December 2016
For todays post I'm going to do a DIY! Specifically, a DIY Mini Dreamcatcher. They are believed to catch good dreams, filtering out the bad.

Another November Favourites | Sarah
9 December 2016
This is my second last favourites of the year! Time flies SO fast. So, November is finally over...November is my favourite month of the year so I guess I have a lot of favourites.

Cherish | Sarah
2 December 2016
No this isn't about EXO-CBX Cherish. I don't usually do serious posts but after a tiring day, I was kind of reminded by a lot of things. A few things I regret and stuff.

No-bake Blackcurrant Cheese Cake | Sarah
25 November 2016
It's been a while since I've done a baking post, so this time I'm finally going to write one! So what I made was a no-bake blackcurrant cheesecake and I think it's really nice.
So Much Drama! #2 | Sarah
11 November 2016
It's been a while since I did this and I thought that I'd write another post about some of my favourite dramas. Updated version. I'll be giving remarks on the drama and rate the dramas out of 10

Another Fall/Spring Favourites? | Sarah
28 October 2016
BACK AGAIN AFTER 70 DAYS! I wanted to make the title Another August, September, October Favourites but thats a little too long. I settled with Fall/ Spring favorites depending which part of the world you're in.

Questions You've Never Been Asked | Sarah
12 August 2016
Because it's my exam week I didn't really have the time to spend on this post (sorry) so I found this tag called 50 Questions You've Never Been Asked but I didn't really know how to answer some of them so I shortened it to 28 questions.

Another July Favorites | Sarah
5 August 2016
Another week has passed (another week till exams; aka my death!). Anyways you know what else has passed? July! :( So these are just some of my favourite things last month <3

Disney Channel Original Movies | Sarah
29 July 2016
Am I the only one who absolutely loves Disney Original Movies? I remember once when it was school break, I went on a Disney Original Movie marathon. Here are some of my favorite Disney Original Movies!!

TV Shows Throwback Time! | Sarah
15 July 2016
10 years ago people didn't have smart phones and had those Nokia phones or if you were cool you had those flip phones. Plus YouTube wasn't that big and computer games had bad quality. So what did I do as a kid? I spent my childhood years in front of a television screen!

Facial Routine | Sarah
17 June 2016
I thought it would be fun to show you guys my FACIAL routine. Btw this routine is something I do on days that I'm super hardworking and feel like taking care of my skin.

Ally's Day! | Sarah
10 June 2016
I said I would tell you what we did in preparation and what we did on the day of the celebration + on the day itself. Yeah we celebrated her birthday TWICE.

Road trip! | Sarah
3 June 2016
I'm really bored so I thought I would just write something down. And why am I bored? Cause I'm gonna be stuck in a car for about 4 hours (ARGHHHH).

Exams are TORTURE! | Sarah
27 May 2016
My exams came and I went through TORTURE! Headaches and stress for a week!!! Well, I compiled a list of reasons why I really really dislike exams.

Get to know ME | Sarah
13 May 2016
So what do you know about me? You know my name, Sarah and you know that my best friends are Ally and Beth and that I LOVE Kpop and shows about mysteries. I just thought I'd just have a few random facts about ME!
Series Trouble | Sarah ft. Beth
29 April 2016
Hey hey hey I'm Sarah and I'm doing a post with Beth. Our blog's first collab!!! Obviously because I don't watch much English shows anymore, I need Beth's help.

Study Tips | Sarah
15 April 2016
Even though I'm probably not the best person to ask...since I had some tips I thought I'd just help others. But all I know is that if you don't make any effort at all you probably won't do so well.

Pet Peeves! | Sarah
1 April 2016
I got some inspiration to write this after reading Beth's post. The actual reason I'm writing this post right now is actually because Ally and Beth made me really mad and I can't get over it. Happy April Fools <3!
25 March 2016
In the year 2015 I've watched a couple of dramas and I wanna recommend some nice ones! Some of them didn't air in 2015 but I decided to include them cause it was nice.
14 March 2016
It's been a while hasn't it? Well...I had exams and yeah studied like crazy! Anyways, this is a DIY I did a pretty long time ago. This DIY is so easy that I wasn't sure if I should even post it.

21 February 2016
Can you believe January is over? The FIRST month of 2016 is done! BUT WAIT didn't Beth already do this? Hahaha Beth and I are different people so I thought I'd show you all what I liked!

31 January 2016
Have you ever regretted anything? Well I can tell you I have. Out of the MANY things that I regret, there's ONE thing I don't think I'll ever stop regretting.
23 January 2016
I thought that I should do hair care cause you can't just focus on your face and neglect your hair right? So these are just some products I use now and then to get my hair really healthy.

12 January 2016
I  just finished my oral exam and I'm so nervous that I can't think straight and my hand are like cold and like almost shaking. I kept stuttering and forgetting what to say even though my topic to speak about was super super easy. 3 Tips for overcoming those butterflies in your tummy!

25 December 2015
Guys it's finally Christmas! I'm so excited! I made a few quick diys that you can give as presents...last minute. All of these diys can be done in less than 15 mins.
13 December 2015
Have you ever been late? The answer to this I presume is yes cause  nobody is perfect. reason I'm writing this is because I am practically NEVER on time. Anyways here's a guide on how you can always be early

25 November 2015
Yesterday a friend of mine shared some of her problems with me and it kinda made me think how many people could be facing this problem. Let's call my friend Z. 

17 November 2015
IT IS I, SARAH OF SARAHTOWN! I'm back with another DIY related to food. Something cookie monster will kill for...

7 November 2015
Fun fact: Sarah is a total bookworm...and PROUD! So to start off the month I thought I'd write about one of my favorite things. BOOKS! I'm going to recommend my top 5 favorite books.

23 October 2015
My sister taught me an awesome recipe to make a healthy and easy banana Smoothie. Especially If you live In a dorm or something cause it's super super simple.

18 August 2015
I had this notebook that had memory verses and whenever I was stressed or really sad I would flip to a random page and look at a memory verse. For this DIY you only need three simple items.

Thank you so much for reading!