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Hey hey! It's me, Bethany! Here are a list of posts I do individually! I write posts depending on what I'm feeling like hauls, heart to hearts, favorites and just a bunch of random stuff that pops into my mind!

Diary: Shopping & Cousins
23 June 2017
I hope you guys don't mind...I guess you'll be following me on my little journey this week haha.

25 Facts About Me | Bethany
27 April 2017
If I'm not mistaken, the original thing was, '50 Facts About Me' but like who has time to read 50 facts of a random girl online.

Things That Make Me Smile: 2 | Bethany
30 March 2017
Ever since the beginning of the year, my life has been pretty busy and I figured, it'll be nice to do a few things that'll make me smile and why not write a post while I'm at it?

Diary: Moods & Laughter | Bethany
4 March 2017
I'm BACK AND ALIVE! (not really cause as I'm writing this, I have sore limbs from yesterday's 'sporty' event in school.)

My After-School Routine 2017 | Bethany
11 January 2017
Welcome to my first post (alone) for 2017! It's been a few weeks since I've written something all by myself and as you can tell from the title, I'll be writing about my 'After-School Routine'.
Next Chapter | Bethany
21 December 2016
Today's post is gonna be a little recap on my year as this will be my final 'solo-post' of the year. Pretty scary if you come to think about it.
November Favorites: Music Edition | Bethany
7 December 2016
I figured it's been a while since I've written a favorites that is not related to food or products or to switch it up, I'm bringing you 'November Favorites: Music Edition' once again.

The Hourglassed Life | Bethany
30 November 2016
I was inspired to write this as Mindy Gledhill's song, 'Hourglass' is playing on my laptop. I always assumed I was going to screw things up because I didn't think I was capable of doing things I'm doing today.

My After-School Routine | Bethany
23 November 2016
I thought it'd be fun to write my After-School Routine that is pretty accurate cause it's based on events that occurred more or less than 24 hours from my posting time.

October Favorites | Bethany
9 November 2016
So.... first less personal post after So.Many.Days. Well I hope you're doing well because I'm about to share with you what I have been liking last month *Captain Obvious*.

Setback-ed by Sarah | Ally & Beth
31 October 2016
A little Halloween special due to heart attacks and big setbacks. Have a safe & Happy Halloween!

Diary: After So Long | Bethany
26 October 2016
It's definitely been a while since I've sat down in the comfort of my pyjamas just talking and ranting about stuff. To be honest, there wasn't a particular reason why the 'Diary' posts stopped.
The Lyrics Tag | Bethany
10 August 2016
I know I usually do 'tag' stuff with Ally and Sarah but exams are drawing closer and we don't have time to properly hang out to do stuff together that isn't related to school. I'll try my best to answer these questions as short and simple as possible!

July Favorites....again? | Bethany
3 August 2016
HI. I'm Bethany, and as usual, I'll be doing a favorites post this week hah. Sounds familiar? No? *cricket noises*.....

A Day In My Life | Bethany
27 July 2016
Today I'll be showing you a brief glimpse of what goes on in my day during the weekends. I have documented the highlights of my day through the lens of my phone (kinda) and I hope you guys enjoy!

June Favorites | Bethany
13 July 2016
I hope you guys have been well. Today, I'll be sharing with you guys my June Favourites! This is not sponsored LOL. Nothing on this blog is sponsored.

Things That Make Me Smile | Bethany
15 June 2016
If I were to make an imaginary statistic on what my life is made of, 80 % of it will probably be related to SMILING or LAUGHING. I thought maybe I'd share with you a list of things that makes me a happy, smiling soul.

DIY: Alphabet Photo Collage | Bethany
8 June 2016
This DIY makes an awesome room d├ęcor whether it'd be on your nightstand or just hanging on the wall and better yet, an awesome Birthday-Gift add-on

May Favorites: Music Edition | Bethany
1 June 2016
I figured it'd probably be a little boring to just keep talking about products and food so I thought; why not do a 'Music Edition'! I'm gonna be sharing with you 5+1 songs that I've been loving for the entire month of MAY!

Examinations & I | Bethany
25 May 2016
My name is Bethany and just like *most* of you, I take my exams this time around too. Let me de-stress your mind by sharing with you a post related to what you're stressing about!

How To Plan A Party | Bethany ft. Sarah
11 May 2016
Hey hey everyone! So today, Sarah and I will be writing this small compact little post on how to plan a party for a family member, a friend or even a stranger.

April Favorites | Bethany
27 April 2016
So.....there was no March Favorites....right? No worries! I'm back with April! I've got some awesome stuff I wanna share.

Reality of Being a Teen | Bethany
13 April 2016
I used to assume that when I become a teenager, I'd go out shopping everyday after school and find a super hot guy to be my boyfriend. Honestly now that I'm in my teenage years, I have to say that being a teen is not all fun and rainbows.

15 Random Questions | Bethany
30 March 2016
So as you can tell from the title, I am doing a 15 Random Questions post! Basically what I did was Google some questions and picked 15 by random and answered them.

DE-stress | Bethany
23 March 2016
Anyone of ANY age can be stressed. And it's NOT a good thing. I mean come on...does growing grey hair sound appealing to you?

February Favorites: Food Edition | Bethany
13 March 2016
It's that time of the month again!!! (If you're a girl then no....not your menstruation time lol). It's time for a February FAVORITES POST!!!

January Favorites | Bethany
13 February 2016
I know it's a little VERY late but.....we've reached February *throws confetti*. We made it!!! The first month of 2016 is over!!! Wooooohooooooo. Anyways, today I'm coming to you guys with a Favourites Post!!

My Morning Routine 2016: School Edition | Bethany
27 January 2016
I'm the type of person who experiences Nightmares in the Morning. morning routine when I have to go to school!

Bath & Body Works Review | Bethany
16 January 2016
I've been contemplating on whether or not to write about this post but I decided that yes I'll do it. So I'm not an expert critic or a critic in general and I usually love a lot of things. So....I don't know what to expect in this post either
Diary: Ho-Ho-Holidays | Bethany
28 December 2015
I'm bored out of my mind. And to be honest, I might be losing my mind. 2 problems; 1 solution.  Despite the fact I take a *long* time to update, I actually have the most posts.

Favorite Skin Remedies | Bethany
9 December 2015
Because I haven't been shopping, I don't have a November Favorites. And because I don't have a November Favorites to write....I wrote this post. Today, I'll be sharing my favorite skincare remedies.

The Nothing Guide: DIY Edition | Bethany
27 November 2015
Today, this post is going to be about DIY's and things you can do when you have NOTHING to do. So, if you want QUICK & SIMPLE DIY's, This is NOT the post you're looking for.

Diary: Cookies & Zombies | Bethany
13 November 2015
I'm actually really tired now, it's 12:30 a.m. This isn't a rant about how fast I eat my cookies. Why I'm still up at this hour? Long story short, Bethany is gonna look like a zombie. It's that bad. + Lesson Of The Day.
OCTOBER Favorites!! | Bethany
8 November 2015
During October, I've been spontaneous in trying some new products and they've been impressive. Just to clarify, I do not think any of these are new releases. Have an amazing November!

Diary: LIFE & Emotions | Bethany
26 October 2015
This is going to be my first EVER diary post ! We only live today ONCE. Frustrating Moments. I can tell you all about it. In my life, I've had ONE SINGLE SLEEPOVER.

25 September 2015
The reason why I went on this mini shopping trip was because I ran out of my facial cleanser. (So typical right?). So...POOF I got some stuff I've never used before and a haul came along!

Right Now | Bethany
20 July 2015
It's a simple grudge that destroys a completely happy and fine life. You don't deserve all this. You deserve better.

Thank you so much for reading!